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Mika Is My Name Full Album


New Album
This is a great mix of the things that are really popular in Japan, and America. With 11 songs that spand the genres of pop/house/R&B to soul. This sure to be a crowd pleaser for Mika's diehard fans/friends. As well as Mika, using her considerable appeal to take many of them, to musical places they've not been with her. But I GUARANTEE, they're going to love it. Because Mika is truly all that and more, and loves what she does. - Will Lemuel "True Songs Productions"
11 With Her Like Me
05 Mika Is My Name
08 Love Being In Love
04 I Knew I'd Find You
01 I Just Wanna Play
07 Feelin Good
02 Fallin For Ya
06 Baby I'm Waiting
03 Don't Test My Love
10 Love So Sweet
09 Love Still Happens
Just Wanna Play - Video
Love Being In Love - Video
Love Still Happens - Video
Mika Is My Name - Video
With Her Like Me - Video
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